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Entries by Patricia DeGennaro from 01/2009

Is Mayor Bloomberg Running for President of Israel?

| Posted 01.06.2009 | World

Bloomberg's rush to travel to Israel in a show of solidarity makes one wonder if he has decided to leave the US and run for president over there. After all he has hopped political parties, why not countries?

Israel and Palestine Going to the Mountaintop: Oh Yes You Can!

| Posted 01.22.2009 | World

In the wake of celebrating Dr. King's message of non-violence and inaugurating a US President that professes change, let us revisit the world's tendency toward a warring foreign policy.

Good Riddance Gitmo!

| Posted 01.27.2009 | Politics

Stuff? Is that what waterboarding is? Just stuff? How about putting hoods over people's heads and making them pile on each other naked like they did at Abu Ghraib? Is that also just stuff?