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Entries by Patt Morrison from 08/2005

Fear Factor -- Fromage!

| Posted 08.03.2005 | Huffington Post

To try to bring back a taste of my travels in France -- a morsel of bleu d'Auvergne, Reblochon, Fougerus, my mouth waters just writing the names -- is to break U.S. law. I gave serious thought to brazening it out and smuggling some hot Epoisse through Customs, but what if the cheese-sniffing beagles sussed me out and pinned me to the ground and ferreted out my contraband fromage? I could have borne the prospect of being sent to cheese jail -- if Judy Miller can tough it out, so can I -- but they would have thrown away the cheese that I had sacrificed my freedom to keep, so what was the point?

Bush's Big Idea -- Both Sides Now!

| Posted 08.09.2005 | Politics
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Finally, something George W. Bush and I can agree on: hearing both sides. Bush says he believes that creationism -- which now travels under the PR-sanitized name "intelligent design" -- should be taught alongside evolution. Here's the man himself: "You're asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, and the answer is yes." Let's hold him to that. Let's get the "side" of a lot of subjects that his administration has been reluctant to expose Americans to: The 16 case files [out of something more than 300] from John Roberts' tenure as deputy solicitor general under Bush I -- another "side" the White House isn't much inclined to let Americans hear. Photographs of the coffins of dead soldiers coming home -- the other "side" of "bring it on."...