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Entries by Patt Morrison from 10/2005

Georgie and the Truth Fairy

| Posted 10.03.2005 | Politics
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Harriet Miers is in charge of finding the very best person to fill Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat on the Supreme Court – and who does she find? Harriet Miers!

Solo-ier Than Thou in the Carpool Lane

| Posted 10.10.2005 | Politics
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My hybrid privilege I assert To breeze right past a SigAlert. Paid eight bucks to the DMV To get a drive that's hassle-free.

Harriet Miers -- Affirmative Action, Dubya-Style

| Posted 10.12.2005 | Business
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He nominated her on behalf of that overrepresented but much-beleaguered minority: the mediocre.

"Pile The Bodies High..." -- Body Counts, Body Bags

| Posted 10.25.2005 | Entertainment
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A spokesman for the U.S. command called the 2,000 figure an "artificial mark on the wall." We put marks on the wall to remember how tall our children were, and how tall they have become. The marks always get higher, never lower. The death toll will only grow.

Pouring Cold Eggnog on Fitzmas Day Joy

| Posted 10.28.2005 | Entertainment
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If there's anything that five years have taught, it's that this administration has a knack for survival -- by any means necessary.