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Entries by Patt Morrison from 01/2009

How Many X's in ''Porn Bailout''?

| Posted 01.08.2009 | Business

You have to give the porn industry points for trying, I suppose. Just don't give them any of my money.

''Mathman'' McConnell Goes Wild!

| Posted 01.12.2009 | Politics

As it turns out, Senator McConnell seems to have forgotten basic math, or discarded it as easily as he's forgotten Iraq.

Hillary On the Hill, Chapter Umpteenth

| Posted 01.13.2009 | Politics

Senatorial courtesy already puts her in the fast-track lane to confirmation, so even absent some substantive fireworks, it's still worth observing Hillary's speaking style.

Dick Cheney, Outrageous to the Last

| Posted 01.19.2009 | Politics

Cheney will be in a wheelchair for only a couple of days, the White House said. Can someone please frisk him as he rolls out of the White House and into private life?

Chief Justice Roberts? Really?

| Posted 01.21.2009 | Politics

Roberts posed, "So help you God?'' as if he were interrogating Obama about whether he does believe in God.