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Entries by Paul Abrams from 12/2006

Iran: Missed lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

| Posted 12.05.2006 | Politics
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The Bush Administration is so far off-base on so many major issues that choosing the most egregious depends on which one you happen to be thinking abo...

John Warner's [not so] Secret Warnings

| Posted 12.06.2006 | Politics
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The Administration cannot afford to lose Warner: Republican; Armed Services Chair; former Navy Secretary; veteran of World War II. Warner gives every sign and signal that he is fed up with this crowd.

The Tax to End the War--and 3 Cheers for Norah O'Donnell (MSNBC)

| Posted 12.08.2006 | Politics
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Finally, some one in the elite media gets it. Yes, people are dying. They are also losing limbs and psyches at an alarming rate: it is now a battalion per month lost to death or injury.

Newt Wants to Catch You Napping

| Posted 12.16.2006 | Politics
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That the Constitution makes no Biblical reference, nor any mention of God is of trifling concern to Gingrich who, instead, refers to our 'founding documents' to include the Declaration of Independence so as to insert the heavenly hand.

Getting Our Troops From There to Here: An Iraq Checklist for Democrats

| Posted 12.23.2006 | Politics
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The Democrats must, immediately, move the discussion so that Bush is increasingly isolated even from key members of his own party. Here's a checklist.

Can Stem Cells Help Heal the Body Politic?

| Posted 12.28.2006 | Politics
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One of the major problems progressives have faced is that their beliefs in the "rationality" of their cause is reason to ride roughshod over peoples' deeply held sensibilities.

A Pardon and a Hanging and Happy New Year!

| Posted 12.31.2006 | Politics
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Ford prevented the accountability that Nixon (and Ford and Cheney and Bush) all had complained bitterly was removed from our culture by, you-guessed-it, liberals, activist judges and Hollywood.