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Entries by Paul Abrams from 06/2007

Another Loathsome Vietnam Replay in Iraq

| Posted 06.04.2007 | Politics
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Just what are they accomplishing of any lasting value by extending the war several more months -- other than the loss of a battalion of US troops per month to death and injury?

Bil. Richardson: the Dark Horse Emerging, Once Again, from the Democratic Debates

| Posted 06.12.2007 | Politics
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Every time the Dems convene, every time Richardson gets a shot at the electorate, every time he meets voters, he impresses, he shifts peoples' perspectives, he wins adherents.

The Real "Con" In NeoCon: Why Their Foreign Policy Will Never Work

| Posted 06.20.2007 | Politics
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While espousing US democratic values, the neocons steer the US to empire. Forcing the unwilling to be part of your empire does not create friends, and reduces support among traditional allies.

The Libby Pardon: Dancing Around the Central Issue

| Posted 06.28.2007 | Politics
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The only reason to send Libby to jail during his appeal is to pressure him to sing, and the only incentive to pardon him if he is forced to go to jail is to buy his silence.