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Entries by Paul Abrams from 02/2008

Obama-Clinton vs. Clinton-Obama

| Posted 02.03.2008 | Politics

Hillary's "35 years of experience" is primarily in policy, not executive functions. That's a good role for a vice president.

Dealing with Deadlock, Superdelegates, Michigan and Florida: A Challenge to Both Campaigns

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

If, as it seems, the Democratic nomination is headed toward deadlock, the votes of Superdelegates and the fate of Michigan and Florida delegates will be decisive.

SuperSolution for Superdelegates

| Posted 02.09.2008 | Politics

Howard Dean should solicit proxies from the 796 superdelegates to have him vote them for the candidate that wins the elected delegate count.

How Obama Can Close the Deal (I)

| Posted 02.13.2008 | Politics

Clinton's image as a "fighter" does not make a dent in the Obama armor because his campaign itself is daily evidence that he is quite effective at fighting for his cause and, by extrapolation, ours.

Bill Clinton: "Hillary Has Done Well in the Primaries, Operating on a ($140 million!) Shoestring".

| Posted 02.14.2008 | Politics

This is the kind of Washington-speak we, the American people, have allowed ourselves to tolerate. That is more than $140,000 per delegate. The shoestring cost much more than the shoes.

The Absurd Arguments of Both (Clinton & Obama) Campaigns

| Posted 02.15.2008 | Politics

Which states Barack won against Hillary, or Hillary won against Barack, provide no insight into who is really the best choice.

Should Obama or Clinton Take Public Funding for the General Election? Let the Convention Decide

| Posted 02.16.2008 | Politics

Taking public financing, and having 3 extra weeks with the same amount of money as George Bush whose convention was later, probably cost John Kerry th...

Clinton to Voters: DROP DEAD!

| Posted 02.18.2008 | Politics

The candidate that would change the nomination via unelected superdelegates cannot seriously expect the people to believe that their voices will be heard when that person is president.

Only a Pyrrhic Victory Remains Possible for Clinton

| Posted 02.21.2008 | Politics

What is the toll on Clinton herself, slogging through rallies, knowing that even victories in the next states will not provide her a popularly-supported nomination?

Clinton's Struggles to Explain Her Iraq Position

| Posted 02.27.2008 | Politics

There have been several attempts to account for Senator Clinton's vote for the Iraq War Resolution. None withstand scrutiny.

Hillary's Unreleased Tax Returns Now Make Her Riskiest Candidate for November

| Posted 02.28.2008 | Politics

If Hillary has time to watch Saturday Night Live, certainly she has 15 seconds to provide her accountant instructions to send out her tax returns.