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Entries by Paul Brest from 01/2009

Michael Edwards' Case Against Philanthrocapitalism

| Posted 01.02.2009 | Business

In "Just Another Emperor?" Michael Edwards challenges philanthrocapitalists to transform the economic system that made them rich, not just address its symptoms.

Guest Post: Sean Stannard-Stockton

| Posted 01.08.2009 | Business

The theory of change concept makes sense in a static landscape. But it fails in a dynamic landscape, where what you learned on your last trip might not apply this time.

Why Evidence is Essential in Defining the Missions of Non-Profits

| Posted 01.09.2009 | Business

I believe that a great nonprofit organization is ultimately only as good as its theory of change. There is considerable knowledge about what works and what doesn't work in particular contexts.

The Role of the Philanthropist: Evidence-Based Theories of Change, Round II

| Posted 01.13.2009 | Business

Yes, any public benefit activity should be executed according to a plan. But I refute the assertion that philanthropists are the ones charged with designing a theory of change.

Where do Theories of Change come From, and to Whom do They Belong?

| Posted 01.16.2009 | Business

Nonprofits don't have the capacity to design and test the theories of change that underlie most important social interventions. Research of this sort is typically beyond both their missions and budgets.

Is Corporate Philanthropy to Philanthropy What Military Music is to Music?

| Posted 01.27.2009 | Business

Most real-world decisions involve tradeoffs, and much corporate philanthropy lies somewhere between pure philanthropy and marketing.

Administrative Costs and Overhead

| Posted 01.30.2009 | Business

Don't yawn and click on another link -- administrative costs and overhead sound really boring, but they're critically important for nonprofit organizations and also for donors.