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Entries by Paul Carr from 05/2011

The Strip Diary, Weekend Roundup: Yet More Vegas Hotel Reviews, in Haiku Form

| Posted 05.01.2011 | Travel

If I were prone to Trumpian flights of conspiracy fantasy, my paranoia would have been off the charts on Thursday night.

The Strip Diary, Day Twenty Nine: The Oscar Goodman Show Must Go On

| Posted 05.02.2011 | Travel

Goodman looks like a man born to be mayor of Las Vegas. His desk and floor-to-ceiling shelves are packed with memorabilia of the town, from life-sized showgirls to mayoral poker chips. It's public office, as designed by TGI Fridays.

The Strip Diary, Day Thirty: The Las Vegas Natural History Museum Has Outlived Liberace

| Posted 05.04.2011 | Travel

With budgets cut to the bone, many museums are falling under, and many schools can't afford such fripperies as museum field trips. I don't know why the loss of a Liberace museum would make me sad, but it does.

The Strip Diary, Day Thirty One: Enough Has Been Written On the Awfulness of Criss Angel, So Here's a Video

| Posted 05.05.2011 | Travel

2011-05-05-criss.jpgCriss Angel's show is a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself.

The Strip Diary, Day Thirty Two: The Last of the Vegas Hotel Reviews, in Haiku Form

| Posted 05.06.2011 | Travel

32 nights in 32 hotels; the finish line is so close I can almost bite it. Just one night still to go, at the Mandarin Oriental, and my month-and-a-bit in Las Vegas will be over.

The Strip Diary, Epilogue: We'll Meet at the End of the Tour

| Posted 05.07.2011 | Travel

There's probably no other city on earth in which a man wanting to stay an entire month would constitute headline news. How has 33 days in Las Vegas changed my opinion of the city?