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Entries by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush from 08/2010

Growing Number Of Americans Say Barack Obama Is A Muslim

Posted 08.19.2010 | Religion

Washington, D.C. -- A new national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life finds that...

New Catholic Mass Approved

Posted 08.20.2010 | Religion

By Kevin Eckstrom Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) The most sweeping changes to the Catholic Mass in 40 years will be rolled out in 2011, the U...

Pamela Geller, 'Queen Of Muslim Bashers,' At Center Of N.Y. 'Mosque' Debate

Posted 08.20.2010 | Religion
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By DANIEL BURKE Religion News Service (RNS) By some accounts, the heated opposition to the so-called Ground Zero mosque has been drummed up by a t...

Ground Zero Greek Orthodox Church: St Nicholas Waits For New Life

Posted 08.23.2010 | Religion

By NICOLE NEROULIAS Religion News Service NEW YORK (RNS) Buried by falling rubble from the World Trade Center towers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks...

France Deports Roma (Gypsies) Drawing Pope's Criticism

Posted 08.23.2010 | Religion

By Francis X. Rocca Religion News Service VATICAN CITY (RNS) In an apparent criticism of France's mass deportation of Roma (Gypsy) immigrants, Pope B...

Army Demands That Hassidic Rabbi Shave Beard (VIDEO)

Posted 08.23.2010 | Religion

The military is demanding that Hassidic Rabbi Menachem Stern shave his beard if he wants to serve as a Chaplain in the Army, but the Rabbi refuses on ...

Finding Your Religion at College: 3 Questions to Guide You

| Posted 08.23.2010 | Religion

The American college experience presents an extraordinary opportunity for deep investigation of religious beliefs and practices, both within your own faith tradition as well as across religious and ideological divides.

North American Lutheran Church (NALC): Conservative Lutherans Form New Church

Posted 08.25.2010 | Religion

By Chris Herlinger Religion News Service (RNS/ENInews) Conservative Lutherans are forming a new church body they say will "uphold confessional princ...

Lockerbie Bomber Release Justified, Says Church Of Scotland Cleric

Posted 08.25.2010 | Religion

By Trevor Grundy Religion News Service EDINBURGH, Scotland (RNS/ENInews) The Scottish government was right to show compassion and to release the Liby...

Obama's Religion: Christianity 101 For The Willfully Ignorant

Posted 08.26.2010 | Religion

By Dick Staub Religion News Service (RNS) The flap about President Obama's religious affiliation reveals our national ignorance about religion in ...

Muslims Go Green For Ramadan

Posted 08.30.2010 | Religion

By Michele Chabin Religion News Service JERUSALEM (RNS) When Mohammad Rabah prays during the holy month of Ramadan, he makes a special effort to cons...

Jesus Seminar Celebrates 25 Years Of Searching For The Historical Jesus

Posted 08.31.2010 | Religion

By G. Jeffrey Macdonald Religion News Service Since 1985, scholars affiliated with the Jesus Seminar have been casting doubt on the authenticity of ...