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Entries by Paul Rieckhoff from 05/2005

Two Years Later, Body Armor Problems Continue in Iraq

| Posted 05.11.2005 | Huffington Post

I say Mr. Rumsfeld does what all good tactical leaders should do and lead from the front. He should take his happy ass over to Fallujah, don one of the vests in question, and walk outside the wire on a few patrols. He will finally be among the troops for more than a photo op. Then we’ll see how confident Mr. Rumsfeld is about the Pentagon's ability to properly equip and field our men and women in uniform.

Raises for Halliburton, Cuts for the VA

| Posted 05.11.2005 | Politics
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OK. This one takes the cake. Today the Army announced it is giving Halliburton a $72 million bonus. This is like the Red Sox giving Bill Buckner a r...

The Hidden Toll of the War in Iraq

| Posted 05.13.2005 | Huffington Post

Regardless of how you feel about the war, we have a moral obligation to take care of the people who fought in it. And right now, America is simply not doing enough.

Radio Shack Warriors

| Posted 05.17.2005 | Huffington Post

Check this out from Sgt. Greg Papadatos, of the "Fighting 69th" Infantry Regiment. He and his guys are using Radio Controlled toy cars to detonate IEDs in Iraq.

Honoring Pat Tillman

| Posted 05.24.2005 | Politics
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Pat Tillman was not character in a video game. He was not a piece on a chess board. He was a real person. And a damn good one. Just like every single one of our troops who has died. Even if you weren't a sports fan, you know his name now. Honor him by finding out the names of some others.

Bill Maher, You Are Wrong!

| Posted 05.25.2005 | Huffington Post

You wrote: "I'm not a congressman, I'm a comedian. There's nothing I can really do to help or hurt our troops." You're wrong, Bill. There is plenty you can do. Get some troops on your show! America has heard enough from retired Generals, policy wonks and reporters who spent the war sitting comfortably behind air-conditioned desks in DC while we were getting blown up in Baghdad.

The Military Manpower Crisis -- My Letter to the NY Times

| Posted 05.31.2005 | Politics
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Paul Krugman has it right – the military is at a breaking point because of the unfair burden it places on its all volunteer force. However, he makes a critical miscalculation when he writes that once the war in Iraq is done, the nation will have no problem finding enough volunteers to maintain our strength.

Memorial Week-Installment #1

| Posted 05.31.2005 | Politics
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I am going to create one post each day for the rest of the week, using the words of my brothers in arms. Today I start with Perry Jefferies: "Too often now, those wounded, sometimes not entirely healed, are returning for their second, third, even fourth trip into the theater of war. Seek them out. Give them an opportunity to speak. Ask them how they are sleeping. Maybe you will sleep better for it."