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Entries by Paul Rieckhoff from 01/2006

Bush Writes Himself an Exemption to Anti-Torture Law

| Posted 01.05.2006 | Huffington Post

Apparently I can't say this enough: It puts our Troops in danger when the President takes anything less than an unequivocal stand against the use of torture. Period.

Body Armor Problems--Enough is Enough Already

| Posted 01.09.2006 | Politics
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There should be no higher priority for our elected officials than protecting our Troops, but so far Congress has shown little interest in fixing the body armor supply problems.

Three Years Later, the Armor is On the Way

| Posted 01.12.2006 | Politics
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No one has been held accountable for this flagrant example of bureaucracy at its worst. If Congress can hold televised hearings on steroids in baseball, then it can probably find the time to hold hearings on this.

Asking the Biggest Question: "Why We Fight"

| Posted 01.17.2006 | Huffington Post

As the war in Iraq approaches its third anniversary, it's easy to lose perspective. "Why We Fight," a stunning new documentary, is a great way to quickly reacquaint yourself with the history of the American military.

Tragedies That Should Not Have Been

| Posted 01.20.2006 | Huffington Post

80% of Marines killed in Iraq may have survived if they had been wearing the latest body armor. That's hundreds of American troops.

Iraq Vets Making the Scene at Sundance

| Posted 01.21.2006 | Huffington Post

Don't look now, but the Iraq War Veterans' Movement could be coming to a theater near you.

Vets at Sundance, Day Three: Paris Hilton and MTV

| Posted 01.22.2006 | Huffington Post

Amidst the glitz and glamour we couldn't help but comment on the public's fascination with celebrities and gossip, compared with the relative disinterest in the stories that really matter.

Vets at Sundance, Day Five: A Clarification (And More)

| Posted 01.27.2006 | Entertainment
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We have absolutely nothing against Paris Hilton. My comments in an MTV piece yesterday may have given you the wrong impression, but really, we all know that Paris just wants to help.

State of the Union: Four Things the President Needs to Tell America's Troops and Veterans

| Posted 01.31.2006 | Huffington Post

"Stay the Course" has never been an acceptable plan of action for the men and women who have lived this war firsthand, many of whom still face the prospect of second or third tour in Iraq.

SOTU: Troop Deaths -- Props for a President's Stubborn Agenda

| Posted 01.31.2006 | Huffington Post

It is a callous thing to say, reducing the family of a fallen Marine to the designated hitters for a stubborn agenda, but much more than that, it's a callous thing to do.