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Entries by Paula Gordon from 10/2008

Sarah Wins ...

| Posted 10.03.2008 | Politics

... assuming we just watched her audition for bodacious wrongwing talk show host, not Vice President of the United States of America. The Republicans...

Magical Thinking and Magical Speaking

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

Because The Paula Gordon Show is part of "the media" we are on the receiving end of many books and lots of email ... from the full political spectrum....

Try Leading, Mr. McCain

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Politics

I don't believe that Mr. McCain understands the damage to this nation and our people that the Republican party has wrought.

John Lewis is Right

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Politics

Are there any sentient creatures in any known universe who believe that William Ayers is relevant to anything but John McCain's desperation and bad ju...

Tithing is So Republican

| Posted 10.20.2008 | Politics

In the tradition of Republican the-business-of-government-is-business governance, Wall Street is reported to be skimming 10% off the top of the bailou...

Family Values

| Posted 10.23.2008 | Politics

Two weeks out from the most momentous day in a guy's life, he drops everything to go be with his very sick Grandma because, well, it's the right thing...

Thirty-Seven Minutes

| Posted 10.27.2008 | Politics

I revisited Barack Obama's speech on the subject of race in the United States last night. Yes, I was sorely in need of an effective antidote to Repub...

Truthfulness, Justice and the American Way

| Posted 10.29.2008 | Politics

While the fate of the nation hangs in the balance, so does that of Troy Anthony Davis. He personifies the continuing threat to justice (and to life) of our de facto judicial system.

Excuse Me, but Has Anyone Noticed?

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Politics

Sen. McCain did not know his own wife was a pilot. He did not know she was adopting a child. He did not know she was a drug addict.

Antidotes for Venom

| Posted 10.31.2008 | Politics

The gut-wrenching virulence of McPalin acolytes got me wondering, "What are these people so AFRAID of?" Then the familiarity registers. This is the ...