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Entries by Dr. Peggy Drexler from 09/2007

Work and Motherhood -- Still Hazy After All These Years

| Posted 09.01.2007 | Healthy Living
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We've been at this whole women and work thing for decades now and female economic emancipation is coming along nicely. We've been to the mountaintop. So why are we troubled by the view?

Where Have All the Good Girls Gone?

| Posted 09.05.2007 | Politics
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To show Hillary isn't, as a critic said, a "patriarch in sheep's clothing," she'll have to prove herself on the femininity issue, though we first have to decide exactly what that means. Until then, a little cleavage probably didn't hurt.

Gasp! Katie Plays Rough

| Posted 09.11.2007 | Media

We've traveled far, but the fact that we are trying to reconcile Katie's sweet face with her sharp elbows, says the day when we default to simple equality in matters gender lies somewhere in our future.

The truth will get you nowhere

| Posted 09.26.2007 | Huffington Post

1994 - Texas gubernatorial race: George Bush was asked by a debate panelist how he got into the Texas National Guard when there was a waiting list of ...

The Truth Will Get You Nowhere

| Posted 09.28.2007 | Politics

Across more than a decade, George W. Bush has stayed true to a philosophy: Deny when you can. Divert when you must. But never tell the truth--especially when it doesn't work in your favor.