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Entries by Dr. Peggy Drexler from 10/2007

Thomas-2 Says Sexism is Alive and Well in the Workplace

| Posted 10.09.2007 | Politics

After all this time, after all those women rising to positions of power, after all those hours of sensitivity training, could women still be battling the unwanted attentions of men on the job?

In Appreciation of the FTF (Full Time-Father)

| Posted 10.12.2007 | Healthy Living

Am I saying that more dads staying home to take care of the kids is a mistake? Not at all. It's wonderful. But I am saying it's not a slam-dunk swap.

Fifteen Months is Plenty of Time to Damage a Country

| Posted 10.18.2007 | Politics

Fifteen months is plenty of time to take more lives -- especially if you are a sprinter with nothing to lose and nobody is standing in your way.

Iggy, We Hardly Knew Ye

| Posted 10.19.2007 | Entertainment

As I started watching Ellen's on-air weep-fest, I first thought somebody died. And then my heart went out to her, the adopting family and little Iggy.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Therapy

| Posted 10.25.2007 | Healthy Living

It's amazing how these limpid-eyed, flop-eared creatures change a family.

Dogs Don't Lie

| Posted 10.31.2007 | Healthy Living

You have to own - and love - a dog to understand the insignificance of scientific explanation. Dogs are what they are. Why means nothing.