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Entries by Dr. Peggy Drexler from 01/2008

The Gaybe Boom

| Posted 01.03.2008 | Healthy Living

Among those not playing to the fearful prejudices of narrow constituencies, gay and lesbian adoption is gaining wide acceptance. Ohio was the only state to actually introduce a ban.

Improper Construction

| Posted 01.11.2008 | Healthy Living

It always seems like a leap of faith to invite a contractor into your home. They become members of the family -- free to wander through your life.

Take My Wife, Please

| Posted 01.19.2008 | Healthy Living

Will the new political spouse be an issue or an asset? Can he or she really change an election? Like the first astronauts to see the dark side of the moon, we won't know until we get there.

When Grief Won't Come

| Posted 01.29.2008 | Healthy Living

A friend of mine knocked on my door with some sad news. Her mother had died. As I sat beside her on the couch, I felt her sadness like an embrace. It...

When Green Gets Sleazy

| Posted 01.31.2008 | Healthy Living

Companies painting themselves green appear to be following that time-tested script for avoiding change that hurts profits: deny it, delay it, dilute it, do it, market it.