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Entries by Dr. Peggy Drexler from 07/2008

Sexism, Politics and Equal-Opportunity: Media Doesn't Just Pick On The Girls

| Posted 07.01.2008 | Healthy Living

There was the John Kerry - did he or didn't he - Botox Debate. Don't forget Al Gore's switch from down-home to preppy in a bid to appeal to women, and his weight watch: if he loses weight, he's going to run.

Now Comes The Test

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Healthy Living

In the coming months, with the Obama campaign in full swing, we can hope that race has, indeed, taken a back seat to capable leadership. We must also embrace the possibility that it hasn't.

The High Cost Of Low Information

| Posted 07.29.2008 | Media

With a world of reinforcement of our beliefs just a click away, we are actually becoming a whole nation of low information voters.

Down the Final Stretch -- Age versus Race

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Politics

Which one is going to play the biggest role in the final sprint to the campaign finish line? We would like to think that the answer is "neither," but we know better.