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Entries by Dr. Peggy Drexler from 10/2009

Fathers: An Instruction Manual -- Who Is This Man? If You Think You Know Dad, Think Harder

| Posted 10.12.2009 | Healthy Living

If you're like most women, you probably don't know as much about your dad as you think you do. He can be a mentor, a cheerleader and a friend. But all relationships take work -- especially this one.

Fathers: An Instruction Manual -- For You and Dad, Opportunity Is What You Make It

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Healthy Living

Throughout much of history, mothers were the center of a daughter's universe. But as young women join the world their fathers know, it's a whole new age of possibility for a daughter-father relationship.

A Fathers Instruction Manual: Accepting Dad For Who He Is; And Who He's Not

| Posted 10.16.2009 | Healthy Living

One of the most painful and confusing passages in the lives of women is when dad is there, but changing. The rock in their lives, who they desperately want to please, is suddenly different -- and so is the bond they shared.

A Fathers Instruction Manual: Walking The Line Between Devotion And Direction

| Posted 10.19.2009 | Healthy Living

There is a difficult emotional terrain when a father's interest in his daughter's life extends to trying to control it. How does a daughter balance intimacy and independence?

A Fathers' Instruction Manual: Understanding How Dad Affects How You Relate to Men at Work and in Your Life

| Posted 10.21.2009 | Healthy Living

Will a daughter taught to be a hard-charging, take-no prisoners competitor with men have trouble adjusting to the necessary give-and-take with the man with whom she shares a home?

A Fathers Instruction Manual: What Do You Really Want?

| Posted 10.23.2009 | Healthy Living

Women who say they hunger for a new intimacy with their fathers often have a hard time defining it, or apportioning it -- how much is too much; how much is not enough?