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Entries by Peter Clothier from 01/2008

Do Spirituality And Politics Mix?

| Posted 01.04.2008 | Healthy Living

I still regard myself as a novice when it comes to many aspects of the Buddhist teachings. Having now a ten-year daily meditation practice, and havin...

Language, Political Discourse, & the Scathing Comment

| Posted 01.11.2008 | Healthy Living

In a society where the fear of being considered insignificant is a constant threat to the fragile ego, we defend ourselves by shouting louder and more rudely than the next man or woman.

A Diet of Choice

| Posted 01.15.2008 | Healthy Living

I hereby give myself permission to eat and drink as much and as often as I want to, but undertake to be conscious of the choices I make and aware of their consequences.

Book Reivew: Mapping the Dharma: A Concise Guide to the Middle Way of the Buddha, by Paul Gerhards

| Posted 01.17.2008 | Healthy Living

This book succeeds remarkably well in schematizing and simplifying the relationship between the key lists with which the Dharma abounds.

The Politics of Greed

| Posted 01.23.2008 | Healthy Living

Greed is not good. Call it karma. Good old American greed -- the greed that the "Reagan Revolution" thrived on -- is coming back at us, and it's not good.

Up Close and Personal: John Edwards

| Posted 01.23.2008 | Politics

This is no time for timid half measures, for accommodation of the interests of the very wealthy. This is a job for the ruthless trial attorney who's neither afraid nor ashamed to go for the jugular.