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Entries by Peter Clothier from 02/2008

Trust Who?

| Posted 02.04.2008 | Politics
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Super Tuesday -- a hideous term that serves only to reinforce the "horse race" quality of our election system, a part of the old edge-out-the-competition paradigm.

Clinton and Obama: At the Gym

| Posted 02.04.2008 | Politics

Hillary Clinton seeks power for its exercise, by her, in order to bring about the changes that most of us Democrats agree on; Obama, in the other hand, seeks to empower others.

A Politics for the Future

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

Our future as a planet and species depends on our ability to create a new paradigm, more appropriate to the realities of the 21st century. Obama offers a glimpse of what that might look like.

This England

| Posted 02.13.2008 | Healthy Living
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There is a civility, I think, still evident in English life. And by that I mean not just good manners, but a sense of civic responsibility, a respect for others.

Speaking of Guns

| Posted 02.15.2008 | Healthy Living

I want to talk about the response I get whenever I presume to talk about guns.

Dear Senator Clinton

| Posted 02.16.2008 | Politics

Unless there's a radical change in your favor in the coming three weeks, you should no longer stand in the way of this passionate reawakening of the American conscience.

FIDEL! Fidel...

| Posted 02.20.2008 | Politics

I watched in dismay as the people's hero, the great liberator, turned into his own nemesis, the great dictator, the hectoring autocrat.

The Realm of Yearning...

| Posted 02.21.2008 | Healthy Living

When Elizabeth Murray spoke of "the realm of yearning that your art comes out of," the words struck a chord somewhere deep inside.

Clinton vs. Obama: The Fighter

| Posted 02.29.2008 | Politics

Obama follows the way of the peaceful warrior, walking softly, always prepared, but never aggressive or deliberately provocative.