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Entries by Peter Clothier from 03/2008

Nil Nisi Bonum: William F. Buckley

| Posted 03.03.2008 | Politics

There's no one that I know of amongst the voices on the right who is anywhere close to inheriting the colorful mantel Buckley fashioned for himself.

Are We the Greatest...?

| Posted 03.12.2008 | Healthy Living
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"The greatest country in the world" is a palliative that eases the conscience even as it closes the mind. As at least one of our political candidates has reminded us, we can do better than this.

Is Bush Certifiable?

| Posted 03.17.2008 | Politics

I wonder if we out here in the public realm would necessarily recognize it, if it had happened.

Race: The Conversation

| Posted 03.21.2008 | Politics

If we're to engage in this conversation about race that Obama started, then, we have to learn first to take the blinkers off and to understand that others may see things very differently from the way we do.

The Campaign: An Open Letter

| Posted 03.24.2008 | Politics
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Dear Senators Edwards and Biden, My wife and I have much admired Governor Richardson's courage in breaking long-standing ties with the Clintons and c...

It's the Humanity, Stupid!

| Posted 03.26.2008 | Healthy Living

The Gospel of Father Joe is really about salvation, about hope amidst the hopeless, about compassion -- not as some kind of religious imperative but as lived experience.