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Entries by Peter Clothier from 07/2008

Marlene Dumas: Eros and Thanatos

| Posted 07.02.2008 | Healthy Living

Who would have predicted, twenty years ago, when painting had been pronounced "dead" and figure painting deader still, that today's hottest-selling woman artist would be a painter -- and a figure painter, at that?


| Posted 07.08.2008 | Healthy Living

When I went to see Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China's First Emperor at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana -- I got something different from my expectations. No less valuable in its way, perhaps, but different.

Why the Left Doesn't "Get" Obama

| Posted 07.09.2008 | Politics

Flexibility and openness is Obama's way forward, and it's the kind of politics he has been championing from the beginning -- the kind of politics, let's remember, that had us all chanting, "Yes, we can!"

That New Yorker Cover

| Posted 07.15.2008 | Media

The New Yorker forgot the vast mass of voters who lack the critical discrimination to read their cover in other than literal terms: those many who will understand it at face value, not for its ironical intention.


| Posted 07.18.2008 | Healthy Living

So what is it about the apostrophe? How come so few people know how to use it? And why do I get so irritated by its misuse? I love the English language, and hate to see it being abused.