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Entries by Peter Clothier from 11/2008


| Posted 11.06.2008 | Politics

As a man whose very humanity is a complex blend of national and racial identity, Obama has the look of a person who transcends the old categories we must now discard.

Prop 8 Banned Gay Marriage, So Let's Ban Propositions

| Posted 11.10.2008 | Politics

What a blemish on the name of our otherwise moderately liberal -- and fair-minded state, that we have allowed this hate-based measure to pass.

Why Americans Still Need to Know the Truth about Sarah Palin

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Politics

I'm disappointed thus far in the first part of Matt Lauer's Today Show interview with Sarah Palin this morning. It was all fluff. Not a single quest...

Watching Obama on 60 Minutes Made me Feel Patriotic... (Almost)

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Media

What a thrill to have as a President-elect a man who speaks in whole sentences, who has well-enunciated thoughts, a readily accessible grasp of history -- and a sense of humor to boot.

How (Not) to Succeed in Business

| Posted 11.21.2008 | Business

Okay, call me an easy mark. I should have picked up on this long ago. I didn't. But am I alone in thinking that I was somehow cheated?