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Entries by Philip N. Cohen from 09/2010

Are Low Birth Rates a Milestone or a Tipping Point?

| Posted 09.01.2010 | Healthy Living

Reaching a data point such as the lowest-birth-rate-ever is a milestone. It's not a tipping point unless it leads to accelerating change in the same direction.

Happy Grandparents Day (No Need to Mail a Card)

| Posted 09.11.2010 | Healthy Living

This year on Grandparents Day, more children might want to honor their grandparents, but they won't need to mail a card to do it. So far the recessi...

Dr. Woman

| Posted 09.14.2010 | Healthy Living

PhD's: Count 'em. In 2008-2009, U.S. women pulled even with men (+/- a few hundred) in the total number of doctoral degrees awarded, according to st...

Family Income Breakdown

| Posted 09.16.2010 | Business

The annual income, poverty, and health insurance report comes out. At the beginning of the week, the news was that the poverty rate would jump to a r...

Poverty, Single Mothers, and Race/Ethnicity

| Posted 09.20.2010 | Business

Tt was fashionable in the 1990s to line up the trend toward unmarried parenting with any other time series showing things getting worse.

Gay and Lesbian Parents Making the Grade

| Posted 09.23.2010 | Politics

The Florida appeals court that threw out that state's ban on gay parent adoptions yesterday didn't need this study to rule against the junk science ...

Time Check: "Women on Top"

| Posted 09.27.2010 | Politics

When, if ever, did this ship get turned around? After I commented on Time's story about young women earning more than young men, Editor-At-Large Bel...

Marriage and divorce disparities on the rise

| Posted 09.30.2010 | Healthy Living

Pairing up and paring down, by race/ethnicity and class. Social scientists have been talking about a "retreat from marriage" for at least 20 years. ...