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Entries by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from 09/2008

God's Thoughts on the Presidential Election

| Posted 09.02.2008 | Healthy Living
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Here is a list of what we can assume, based on the Bible, G-d is thinking about the current presidential election.

Should a Mother With a New Baby Run for Vice President?

| Posted 09.10.2008 | Healthy Living

Parenting is not a responsibility that can be put on hold for months at a time. Our candidates can show the nation that families matter at least as much as the White House.

Sarah Palin and Women With Too Many Kids

| Posted 09.18.2008 | Healthy Living

A society that does not respect the elderly and does not love babies is a society that has seriously lost its moorings.

Where Have All The Gentleman Gone?

| Posted 09.24.2008 | Style

Nowhere in the Western world are we raising a generation of men who pride themselves on their restraint and respect toward women. It's a man's world. Women just live in it.