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Entries by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from 11/2008

How to Fix Orthodox Jewish Dating

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Healthy Living

In the religious world where dating is often dependent on third parties making introductions, young men and women are at the mercy of others to meet a potential spouse.

A Jewish Salute to Obama for Inspiring Ethnic Pride

| Posted 11.05.2008 | Politics

The most powerful man in the Universe is a man with black skin. If we in the Jewish community cannot celebrate that achievement, then we have no sense of history.

Gays as the New Religious Bogeyman

| Posted 11.17.2008 | Politics

Religion in America has made homosexuality into a false bogeyman, which has seriously distracted religion from giving real values to an increasingly valueless society.

Turn Friday Night Into Family Night

| Posted 11.24.2008 | Healthy Living

Our plan follows a 2/2/2 theme: two hours of family dinner, with the family inviting two friends as guests, and with two subjects suggested for all to discuss.

An Erotic Seven-Day Sex Marathon

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Style

The question can be asked whether giving couples a divine command to go at it like sex machines seven nights running is the best advice for rejuvenating the shriveling American libido.