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Entries by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from 06/2010

The Provocative 'Peace' Flotilla That Ended in Tragedy

| Posted 06.01.2010 | World

I was deeply saddened at the outcome of the so-called "peace" flotilla, which turned out to contain a large contingent of violent thugs whose only interest it was to provoke Israel.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Jewish Secularist or Reviver of the Religion?

| Posted 06.01.2010 | Religion

The Lubavitcher Rebbe brought about the greatest Jewish spiritual revolution of all time, and by the time he died he had almost single-handedly reversed the tide of two centuries of Jewish assimilation.

Gays Have a Right to Serve Their Country

| Posted 06.02.2010 | Religion

Everyone has a right to serve their country, gays included. It's odd that so many heterosexuals who refuse to enlist in the military and prefer to live as armchair warriors are condemning those with a patriotic passion to fight for freedom.

Helen Thomas and Open Season on Jews

| Posted 06.07.2010 | Politics

When Don Imus made racially charged statements against a woman's basketball team, candidate Obama demanded he be fired. Will he do likewise in the case of Helen Thomas? Don't hold your breath.

BP, Gadhafi, and Britain's Oil Comeuppance

| Posted 06.14.2010 | World

Why would the British defend BP's horrible safety record by insinuating that American rage at BP is "British bashing?"

The Never-Ending Onslaught Against Sholom Rubashkin

| Posted 06.15.2010 | Religion

Following recent Catholic abuse reports, I pleaded to the public to let the facts emerge before disparaging the whole Church. It's a shame that this same courtesy has not been extended to Sholom Rubashkin.

Michael Jackson's Life Could Have Been Saved

| Posted 06.21.2010 | Entertainment

What Michael Jackson needed was not painkillers but counseling, not the numbing of an inner wound through drugs but the awakening of an inner conscience through spiritual guidance.

What McChrystal's Firing Says about American Values

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Politics

Gratitude is a dying virtue in American society. We continue to live free only because of our brave military, yet most Americans offer empty words of support to our troops that are rarely backed by tangible action.

Tom Friedman Slanders Israel

| Posted 06.30.2010 | World

In accusing Israel of the murderous immorality of Syria, Thomas Friedman, in his latest column, has severely compromised his credibility and objectivity as an honest and fair-minded journalist.