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Entries by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from 08/2010

When Psycho Flight Attendants Become Heroes

| Posted 08.16.2010 | Healthy Living

What does it really say about American culture that we're prepared to elevate someone who behaves like an out-of-control psycho as a model of how all working stiffs ought to act?

Russell Simmons Is Wrong about the Ground Zero Mosque

| Posted 08.17.2010 | Religion

There are bigots in America, but Americans are not bigots. The average American is souring on Islam not based on any intrinsic prejudice, but based on the violence he or she constantly reads in the newspapers.

Christopher Hitchens: My Prayer for a Worthy Opponent

| Posted 08.20.2010 | Media

Judaism does not judge people by their faith, but by their actions. It does not look primarily at what people say but at what they do. Hitchens has been a courageous voice for the voiceless and has championed the cause of the persecuted.

Extravagant Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs Humiliate the Jewish Community

| Posted 08.23.2010 | Religion

How ironic that a people who have survived forced baptisms are now drowning in an ocean of profligacy. Rabbis should be thundering from the pulpit that extravagant weddings are an abrogation of Jewish values.

Suicide Bombers in Heaven? Imam Rauf Won't Say No

| Posted 08.27.2010 | Religion

In response to the question as to whether suicide bombers go to heaven, Imam Rauf said, "We are taught never to say somebody will go to hell or somebody will go to heaven. It's up to God." Allow me to play G-d for a moment.

Status Symbols and the American Express Black Card

| Posted 08.31.2010 | Business

In this age of Wall Street greed, corporate aloofness, and abusive employees, it would be nice to see companies that still believe, and insist, that the customer is king and should be treated with simple courtesy and respect.