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Entries by Rachel Sklar from 02/2008

The Two Best Things I've Read On Last Night's Debate

Posted 02.01.2008 | Media

Joe Klein here; John Neffinger here. And, of course, the HuffPo Liveblog here. Objective opinion! Also, in things that are not at all surprising, g...

Christopher Hitchens Bo-Teaches Rabbi Shmuley How It's Done

Posted 02.01.2008 | Media

On Wednesday night, the 92nd Street Y took a leap of faith and hosted a debate between avowed atheist and God-hater Christopher Hitchens and Kosher Sex author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Could A Grassroots Viral Vid Become The Song of Super Tuesday? Yes It Can

Posted 02.04.2008 | Media

For those who think that getting thousands (likely millions at this point) of views is of value the day before a neck-and-neck election, the video just might prove to have an impact.

Obama on NBC News: "Brian, You're Getting Too Many Memos From The Clinton Camp"

Posted 02.05.2008 | Media

Last night on NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams had a rather spicy interview with Barack Obama where he challenged the Illinois Senator on his h...

Couric's Super Tuesday Candidate Round-Up: Obama Slams Hillary, McCain and Huckabee Tag-Team on Romney

Posted 02.05.2008 | Media

Last night on CBS News, Katie Couric interviewed five of the six candidates on the ballot in tomorrow's primary (sorry, Ron Paul), and the contrasts b...

Viva La Sweater! Howard Wolfson's Luckiest Garment Takes The Super Tuesday Test

Posted 02.05.2008 | Media

Eagle eyes watching MSNBC today would have espied Hillary Clinton's communications director Howard Wolfson on the split screen with NBC's Brian Willia...

Anchors Awake! How TV Types Will Stay Up Until Super Tuesday Becomes Super Wednesday

Posted 02.05.2008 | Media

It's barely into the prime time block, and Super Tuesday results are only just starting to come in — in this time zone. In newsrooms, on campaig...

Huckabee's Song: Another Campaign Soars On A Homegrown Anthem

Posted 02.07.2008 | Media

We've said before that Barack Obama isn't the only movement candidate.

MSNBC: The Place For Politics (And Taped Programming)

Posted 02.09.2008 | Media

I'ts 8:00 pm on the day of primaries in Nebraska, Washington State, Louisiana and Kansas, and MSNBC just started its live coverage. During the day, w...

BriWi Bookends, Barack Benefits? The Theoretical Implications of an SNL Rerun

Posted 02.10.2008 | Media

The Brian Williams-hosted SNL, rerun last night, will have neatly bookended the strike since Williams's show, broadcast on Nov. 3, 2007, was the last live SNL to run before the strike kicked off on Nov. 5, 2007.

Call Lou Dobbs! Canadians Are Walking Amongst You, Undetected

Posted 02.11.2008 | Media

So! Today Canadians are big news! Gawker picked up an item from Shinan Govani's column in the National Post (which is basically the Canadian version o...

L'Affaire Shuster: Big Camel, Big Straw

Posted 02.12.2008 | Media

Some people thought this called for Shuster's firing, but they're wrong: It called for an examination of a pattern of behavior. At this point, Clinton and her team should know that any more is gonna smack of politics; her point has been amply, amply made.

Dept. of Neologisms: "Obamomentum"

Posted 02.12.2008 | Media

After South Carolina, it became clear that O had Mo — and now Barack Obama has a brand-new word to show for it. Just as "Huckaboom!" became a c...

Crisis In Hillaryland: The Press Gets There Late, Really Late

| Posted 02.13.2008 | Huffington Post

Crisis In Hillaryland: The Press Gets There Late, Really Late

Posted 02.13.2008 | Media

When Clinton's $5 million loan to herself came out the day after Super Tuesday, eyebrows shot up, but no one dove into how it could have happened. In retrospect, it's amazing that this story took so long to emerge.

Obama Surges Past Hillary In Pledged Delegates, Children's Book Sales

Posted 02.13.2008 | Media

He beat her in the last eight primaries. He's beating her in the popular vote. He's beating her in pledged delegates, artsy music videos and Kennedy f...

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert's Writers: Tiki Barber, Judy Miller, Mikhail Baryshnikov and That Guy From Footloose

Posted 02.14.2008 | Media

Last night Stephen Colbert welcomed his writers back to his show with a flourish, grandly welcoming them into the studio and onscreen one by one as th...

Alessandra Stanley: No Credibility

Posted 02.14.2008 | Media

Stanley's error -- attributing the slogan "the best political team on television" to MSNBC and not CNN -- is so egregious, and leaps off the page at the reader who is even remotely familiar with this stuff.

Illinois Shooting Tragedy Pushes Election Off The Top, Mostly

Posted 02.15.2008 | Media

Gun control is still not an issue. Will the fact that a kid on medication could purchase guns, walk into a lecture hall and use them change that? That will depend -- on whether the candidates make it an issue, and on whether the media asks them about it.

Older Than Barack Obama, Younger Than John McCain: NBC Nightly News Turns 60

Posted 02.15.2008 | Media

Happy Birthday, NBC Nightly News! Apparently, you turn 60 tomorrow night — mazel tov! Tonight, the NBC anchorman who is not Tom Brokaw or Chet H...

Chris Cillizza: Should Reporters Vote?

Posted 02.15.2008 | Media

Rachel Sklar: Sure, just not with their coverage.* Cillizza: On Reporters and Voting [The Fix - WaPo] Allen/Vandehei: Should Journalists Vote? Yes, N...

Slate "Wonders" At Mitt Romney

Posted 02.18.2008 | Media

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney gets by with a little help from his family, friends, good clean healthy living and the gang at Slate, which put toget...

Charlie Gibson Likes A Good Fight, But Chip Reid's Just Focusing On The Story, Man

Posted 02.18.2008 | Media

Chip Reid's comment on Sunday's Reliable Sources speaks not only to the need to go on cable at any moment but also to the overall warp-speed of the news cycle.

SNL To Return, Catch Up With Present

Posted 02.18.2008 | Media

Saturday Night Live will be back — finally! — this coming Saturday, February 23rd, with special guest host Tina Fey, fresh off her Golden ...

Yes, You Can Borrow My Speech: Why Obama's Lifted Words Matter

Posted 02.19.2008 | Media

Obama was attacked for offering "just words," and he made his case for the value of words by using someone else's recycled speech from over a year ago. This is his argument for why talk isn't cheap?