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Entries by Rahim Kanani from 09/2010

Technology at a Crossroads: A Brief Snapshot of the Current and the Future

| Posted 09.01.2010 | Technology

I recently talked with Tom Standage, online and digital editor of The Economist, about emerging technologies of the 21st century and the future balance between personal and professional life in the digital age.

Faith, Pluralism, Globalization and Higher-Education in the 21st Century: An Interview with John Sexton, President of NYU

| Posted 09.04.2010 | World

"This is a great moment where humankind literally can pass through a critical threshold and create a higher version of itself."

An Inside Look at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)

| Posted 09.12.2010 | World

"Companies increasingly understand that social responsibility is part and parcel of what makes a market leader in the 21st century, and that makes our Annual Meeting a "must attend" forum for top CEOs."

CGI 2010: Q&A with Her Majesty Queen Rania on the Education of Women and Girls

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Impact

At the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative being held this week in New York City, I posed a question to Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan regarding educational access for women and girls in the Middle East.

CGI 2010: An Interview with the Vice President of Hewlett-Packard (HP) for Global Social Innovation

| Posted 09.28.2010 | Impact

"We took a look at the technology that we have, the biggest societal needs, and the millennium development goals, and we said, we could make the biggest impact for mankind in education and health."

CGI 2010: An Interview with the Executive Director of WITNESS on Video Advocacy, Justice, and Human Rights

| Posted 09.29.2010 | Impact

Now we will be training 50 organizations, putting video cameras in their hands and training them how to use them. And then train them how to strategically and tactically use those videos to create lasting change and obtain justice.