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Entries by Ralph Nader from 06/2014

Minimum Wage Support Grows

| Posted 06.09.2014 | Politics

As if it weren't enough that some of the Republican Party's leaders were breaking with the party on this issue, now their loudest talking point is being undermined by the very people the Republican Party pretends to speak for in its opposition to raising the minimum wage: businesses and large corporations.

Can Progressives Learn From Eric Cantor's Defeat?

| Posted 06.13.2014 | Politics

The stunning upset defeat of House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) by Professor David Brat, an economist from Randolph-Macon College, in Tuesday's Republican primary has several takeaways for progressives besides envy and shame over why they do not directly take on the corporate Democrats.

The Food Safety Movement Grows Tall

| Posted 06.20.2014 | Green

Across the country, consumers are demanding the right to know what is in their food, and labeling of genetically engineered food. It's a vibrant and diverse coalition: mothers and grandmothers, health libertarians, progressives, foodies, environmentalists, main street conservatives and supporters of free-market economics.

Rep. Issa: Shielding $300 Billion in Tax Evasion

| Posted 06.27.2014 | Politics

The IRS simply does not have the budget to do its lawful job effectively, which is to collect revenue for the U.S. government. What does that mean for taxpayers?