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Entries by Raymond J. Learsy from 02/2008

Exxon Rakes in Record $11.6 Billion Quarterly Earnings While Cheering OPEC's Readiness to Cut Production

| Posted 02.04.2008 | Business

Without the OPEC cartel rigging the market Exxon's windfall would not have been possible.

USA Today In Consummate Media Fashion Gets it Wrong on Gas Prices

| Posted 02.11.2008 | Media

Market forces are no longer the sole price determinants, even though that is what the oil industry and this administration's Department of Energy would want us to believe.

Chavez, Exxon and the Misuse of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve

| Posted 02.18.2008 | Business

Where is the White House announcing that our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is available and at the ready to make up for any of Hugo's extortionary tactics?

Royal Dutch Shell's 'New Heartland,' Alaskan Drilling Rights, The Abject Surrender of Our National Patrimony

| Posted 02.25.2008 | Business

A National Oil Trust could well become the cornerstone of a viable program aimed at breaking our environmentally suicidal addiction to fossil fuels.

Food is Becoming The New Oil, OPEC Shows The Way as Grain Prices Reach New Heights

| Posted 02.27.2008 | Business

As the world's governments acquiesce to the outrage of OPEC's collusion to manipulate the price of oil, another storm is looming in the near distance.