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Entries by Raymond J. Learsy from 03/2009

$30 Billion More to AIG: A Breach of Public Trust Without "Claw-Back" and Dismissing Management

| Posted 03.02.2009 | Business

"Credit-default swaps" -- what does it mean? If you know, well and good. But for most, it draws a blank, and yet it is an instrument that has put AIG, and now us, at risk for nearly $400 billion.

Billions for AIG to Protect the Speculative Profits of Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley

| Posted 03.05.2009 | Business

It is past time that a distinction be made between that part of AIG's business that was a "large and stable insurance company," and that part that was a "hedge fund," or better put, a casino.

The Humanities: America's Great Formative Tradition Succumbing to the Financial Crisis

| Posted 03.15.2009 | Healthy Living

Today, at this very moment of crisis where so much is at risk we stand ready to undermine one of the fundamental pillars of our society -- the humanities.

AIG, Toxic Assets and the Call to Personal Sacrifice

| Posted 03.20.2009 | Business

If there has ever been an example of "sow and ye shall reap" gone awry, it is the madcap stripping of the national treasure by those who have brought us to the edge of the cliff.

Brazil Invited to Join OPEC -- Please, Beware!

| Posted 03.23.2009 | Business

Remember that when joining a club, even when one is invited to do so, it is worthwhile -- no, imperative -- to know who your fellow club members are and what they purport to be.

German History, the Financial Crisis and Democracy in Danger

| Posted 03.27.2009 | World

The Germans can provide us with a frightening cautionary example of where we might be headed during this financial crisis. They have been there, they have done that, and it wasn't pretty.

The Oil Patch Vaudeville Act

| Posted 03.30.2009 | Business

The current oil price of $52 per barrel reflects an increase of 400% from one decade ago. What else in your day to day experience has gone up that steeply in the past 10 years? Think about it.