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Entries by Raymond J. Learsy from 01/2010

Bond Fund Goliath Pimco Hires Head Of Government's $700 Billion Tarp Program; Citizens Pick Up Your Slings!

| Posted 01.04.2010 | Business

Pimco's hiring of Neel Kashkari is a slap in the face for a public who is sated with examples of government handouts to the undeserving and the revolving door coziness perpetuated at public expense and detriment.

Wall Street Triage: Was Lehman Sacrificed So That AIG Had To Be Bailed Out?

| Posted 01.10.2010 | Business

The prospect that favoritism, collusive practices or outright corruption took place is exacerbated by the recent revelations that the Fed actively sought to hold back information on the billions of counterparty funds that went out of AIG's back door.

L.A. MOCA Throws a "Hail Jeffrey"

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art has caught the art world flat footed in a wonderful way. It has broken with tradition in naming a remarkable individual as its next director.

The House Oversight Committee Sets Its Focus Where The Senate Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Feared to Tread

| Posted 01.16.2010 | Business

During the Senate hearings many questions were asked, but not the question that would have been most revealing: Did Paulson and Blankfein discuss the viability of AIG?

Our Banks Becoming Casinos and Washington Yawns

| Posted 01.20.2010 | Business

Why is a bank such as JP Morgan, supported by myriad government programs, permitted to gamble with money in the commodities arena?

Obama Finally Takes On the Banks -- Commodity Futures Trading Needs Be Next!

| Posted 01.22.2010 | Business

Since we'll never eliminate the commodity exchanges that trade oil futures, we must at least control speculation and trades.

JPMorgan Chase Throws Down the Gauntlet at President Obama

| Posted 01.26.2010 | Business

The president has made clear where our government now stands. Banks and proprietary trading do not mix because when they do they put the whole economy at risk.

President Obama, Please Stop Trying to Be My Buddy

| Posted 01.29.2010 | Politics

By taking decisive action where it needs be taken and where he has the clear authority to act and hold appointees accountable, Obama can do much to bring back to the presidency the respect it once held.