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Entries by Rebecca Pidgeon from 08/2005

A Return to London

| Posted 08.04.2005 | Entertainment
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I was just in London making a movie for an Indian/British co production company. I saw old friends. We were grown up, but still we talked about classmates. Who had done well, who was a prostitute, who was in jail, who was dead. After several glasses of champagne, one chap brought up 9/11. He said how it had come to symbolize something in Britain, something that he couldn’t quite explain very well, but reading between the lines it sounded to me as if he meant, in headline form, “arrogant America gets come uppance.” In a haze of jet lag and alcohol, I suggested he had no idea what he was talking about and that perhaps maybe he shouldn’t be such an ass. Things are a bit of a blur from that point on.

The "Have a Heart" Trap

| Posted 08.15.2005 | Huffington Post

Our friend Anita was having trouble with raccoons going through her garbage. She caught one with a “have a heart” trap...

News from Scotland…

| Posted 08.22.2005 | Entertainment
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I have massive jet lag. There are a lot of sheep. I have tasted haggis for the first time since school dinners.

Huff Post Exclusive Music Download

| Posted 08.29.2005 | Politics
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I wrote a song called “Tough On Crime.” It is a tongue in cheek song about a superhero -- from the point of view of the wife. Hope you enjoy it.

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Soldiers Whose Lives Depend on Each Other

| Posted 08.31.2005 | Politics
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The movie Island in the Sky beautifully illustrated the humanity and camaraderie amongst soldiers whose lives depend on each other. It made me think of the boys and girls over there, and wish they were over here.

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