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Entries by Rebecca Sive from 12/2009

A National Day of Action to Stop Stupak

| Posted 12.02.2009 | Chicago

Today I feel like I'm still 18, in the fall of 1968, gathering nickels, dimes and dollars for a friend to take the bus to Rapid City, South Dakota to get an (illegal) abortion.

Mr. President: MoveOn Says It's Time to Call Senator Burris: I Hope You Got the E-mail, Too

| Posted 12.04.2009 | Chicago

Since Senator Burris has nothing to lose and desperately wants to be a hero, he could do the right thing for all of America and refuse to budge on the public option.

You Weren't Elected to Congress to Bargain Our Rights Away and Make Deals

| Posted 12.08.2009 | Chicago

A memo to the Democratic women members of the House and Senate: You weren't elected to Congress to become a "player," to go to fancy parties, and to deal away our constitutional rights.

Ben Nelson is My New Hero: At Least He Has the Courage of His Convictions

| Posted 12.18.2009 | Chicago

The Senate's discussion of its health care bill has devolved from farce to a tragedy, in which female and male senators alike are trading the lives of women for the sake of re-election.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

| Posted 12.22.2009 | Chicago

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." --Lincoln. "When you have both extremes saying they're unhappy, I think it's [the Senate's December 2...