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Entries by Reese Schonfeld from 04/2007

How Come You Did What I Told You to Do When You Know I Don't Know What I'm Talking About?

| Posted 04.01.2007 | Politics
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More than forty years ago, I was producing a documentary series headed by a dictatorial executive producer. We were laying down a track in the Moviet...

Dissolution Through Immigration

| Posted 04.08.2007 | Huffington Post

For those who haven't followed recent Balkan affairs, read this. I bet the Russians veto Mr. Ahtisaari; I assume the U.S. will do the same when it's Los Angeles' turn.

Forget Imus, Remember Rutgers

| Posted 04.11.2007 | Politics
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Don Imus did this country a favor. As a result of his remarks Americans got to see ten Rutgers basketball players for an hour and a half on all three cable news networks. They were stars.


| Posted 04.12.2007 | Entertainment
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The shock joke formula may be racist and sexist, but it's also highly profitable, so the feelings of the maligned are ignored.

The Mommy-Killer Bill

| Posted 04.19.2007 | Politics
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I foresee all the cases where loving husbands and fathers must stand by and witness the murder of their wives, the mother of their children in order to save the life of a fetus yet unborn.