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Entries by Reese Schonfeld from 05/2008

I Smell a Deal and I Hope So

| Posted 05.04.2008 | Politics
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The release of two journalists, within thirteen days of each other may have been purely coincidental, but maybe, it's the first sign of a U.S.-Iraq prisoner exchange.

What Do Obama/Clinton, Kennedy/Johnson and Nixon/Rockefeller Have in Common?

| Posted 05.13.2008 | Politics

Am I the only one still alive who covered the 1960 Conventions? Why is the media working so hard to brand Hillary a loser and drum her out of what is likely to be a fair fight on the Convention floor?

Race, the Numbers and the Nomination

| Posted 05.22.2008 | Politics

Black voters gave Obama the commanding majority that appears to have won him the nomination. It was a great political strategy for the primaries, but how it will affect the general election?

The Novelty Candidates

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics

Why is it that the Democratic Party chooses the path of greatest difficulty in every election? This generation of Democrats sorely lacks professional guidance.

Viewers and Voters -- A New Polling Method

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics
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Never has the month of May been so good for the cable news networks as this year. FoxNews primetime ratings are up 10 percent year-to-year, CNN's are ...