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Entries by Reese Schonfeld from 06/2008

Anybody But Clinton

| Posted 06.03.2008 | Politics

Obama's supporters fall into three categories: blacks, youth and the ABCs -- Democrats who are for Anybody But Clinton.

It's Better to Lose an Election than the Party

| Posted 06.04.2008 | Politics

Hillary has lost the nomination. If Obama loses to McCain, she and Bill will inherit the party once again. It might be in Hillary's interests not to do too much for the Obama campaign.

It's Better to Lose an Election Than to Lose the Party II

| Posted 06.09.2008 | Politics

Senator Obama moved in on the Democratic National Committee yesterday changing its rules so the committee will no longer accept donations from federal lobbyists or political action committees.

Two Cheers for Tim Russert

| Posted 06.17.2008 | Media

I shook hands with Tim Russert was back in 1984. His whole career had been spent advising and spinning for politicians: not the best credentials for a journalist. But he did much to dispel my doubts.

Race, Ethnicity and the 2008 General Election

| Posted 06.30.2008 | Politics

Poverty trumps ethnicity as a factor determining voter preference: if the dollar continues to sink, voters will vote their pocketbooks rather than their prejudices and Obama will glide into the Oval Office.