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Entries by Reese Schonfeld from 07/2009

The Military Industrial Complex: Truck You, Detroit, or Tanks for Nuttin' Update

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

Our military procurement system is a mess. Our automobile industry is a mess. We might have helped both if we had gotten them to agree to build the next generation of military vehicles together.

CNN Ratings: The Exception Proves the Rule

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Media

Cable ratings for the first week in July have just been released, and CNN has done far better than anyone had any right to expect.

Who Delivers the News?

| Posted 07.11.2009 | Media

On July 6th, half-dozen troops were killed in Afghanistan by IED explosions. Those deaths underline the need to pay attention to the troops' equipment. I expected more reporting on the issue. There wasn't any.

The "Financial System" vs. The Real World

| Posted 07.16.2009 | Business

The Administration continues to proclaim that we will create new jobs through small business and entrepreneurship. That's going to be very hard to do with CIT gone.

The Undoing of Gen. T. Michael Moseley: A Cautionary Tale About the Military/Industrial Complex

| Posted 07.17.2009 | Politics

This tale recounts the interwoven fate of an Air Force Chief of Staff, potentially disastrous handling of nuclear weapons, and a financial advising company with more than 300,000 military personnel as investors.

Five Things You Didn't Hear About Walter Cronkite

| Posted 07.20.2009 | Media

Stories from before Cronkite was Cronkite

Three Updates and an Addendum

| Posted 07.21.2009 | Media

Every time Dan Rather was on camera, there was an elephant in the room --there is no question that it was Dan Rather who pushed Walter Cronkite out at least a year before he wanted to go.

Just Like Old Times in the Rating Game

| Posted 07.22.2009 | Media

Last week FoxNews had more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined in prime-time, and in total day.

Gates and Trucks

| Posted 07.28.2009 | Politics

For once, American manufacturers are producing the best weapons ahead of schedule, and will save lives of men who would die without them.

July Ratings: Food Beats News

| Posted 07.29.2009 | Media

The headlines: July cable news ratings confirm FoxNews dominance. CNN benefits from Michael Jackson's death, and The Food Network wins the demographics.