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Entries by Rep. Mike Honda from 03/2010

House Debate on Afghanistan Missing Bigger Picture

| Posted 03.10.2010 | Huffington Post

As long as we continue to pursue military solutions to the conflict in Afghanistan while paying little to no heed to economic, political and social solutions, security will remain elusive.

A Multilingual Government Makes for More Secure Country

| Posted 03.15.2010 | Huffington Post

As the findings of the 2010 Census become evident, I hope we can recognize our country's increasing ethnic and linguistic diversity as an asset, not a threat. Many voices make us more versatile in this economy.

Senator Graham's Inappropriate "Kamikaze" Remarks on Pelosi's Health Care Efforts

| Posted 03.17.2010 | Politics

As a Japanese American who was interned during World War II, I am personally disheartened that Senator Graham chose to use racially tinged rhetoric to express his opposition to health care reform.

What Yesterday's Health Care Vote Means for America's Pocketbook

| Posted 03.22.2010 | Politics

As a staunch supporter of higher education and a believer in the need for health reform I am proud to support this legislation.