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Entries by Richard Bradley from 10/2005

What Are You Trying to Say, James Rosen?

| Posted 10.06.2005 | Entertainment
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This must be one of the weirdest moments in TV history. At the very least it gives new meaning to the phrase "playing dual piano."

Harriet Miers and the Theater of the Absurd

| Posted 10.12.2005 | Politics
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Opposition to this nomination is reaching a critical mass; it's time for Miers to withdraw. She seems a perfectly decent, albeit grossly sycophantic, woman.

The White House Attacks A Reporter

| Posted 10.14.2005 | Huffington Post

Want to know how Scott McClellan deals with tough questions about Iraq? He just suggests questioner—in this case, Helen Thomas—is soft on terror.

Australia Takes the Lead over the U.S.

| Posted 10.15.2005 | Politics
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The Chronicle of Higher Education has an important story: Australia has become the destination of choice for fee-paying college students. That's surpr...

A Sports Illustrated Reporter Plays Foul

| Posted 10.17.2005 | Politics
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Michelle Wie has been disqualified from her first professional tournament after a reporter for Sports Illustrated told tournament officials that he th...