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Entries by Richard Greener from 11/2010

Don't Listen To The Media: The Progressive/Liberal Coalition Is Responsible For This Election - Not The Tea Party

| Posted 11.03.2010 | Politics
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The false meaning of the 2010 elections is being spoon-fed to us as cogent analysis by the media - even the supposed left friendly MSNBC - as a ground...

Keith Olbermann Suspended By MSNBC: Like "Louie" - I'm Shocked!

| Posted 11.05.2010 | Media

I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Keith Olbermann, a man who earns millions, an American citizen and (until today anyway) a free man living in a free c...

Why Not Try This: Establishing Principles for Evaluating Measures Designed to Protect the Homeland From Terrorism?

| Posted 11.21.2010 | Politics
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The name "Homeland Security" speaks for itself. If the homeland wasn't in danger, perhaps even in jeopardy, the agency known as Homeland Security woul...

The True Story Of Thanksgiving

| Posted 11.25.2010 | Healthy Living
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The idea of the American Thanksgiving feast is a fairly recent fiction. The idyllic partnership of 17th Century European Pilgrims and New England Indi...

Of Course, Howard Cosell Was Right

| Posted 11.27.2010 | Sports
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A generation ago, the voice of American sports, Howard Cosell, spoke out. "The only choice left," he wrote, "is to eliminate big-time college sports entirely." Why should our colleges and universities be in the semi-pro entertainment/sports business?