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Entries by Richard Laermer from 10/2008

It's An Election and I Want What I Want

| Posted 10.01.2008 | Politics

It's no secret that I lean left. I think the world of FDR and JFK, and I don't know if I can stand to hear one more misguided ditto-head, all glassy-...

Get Ready, Kids; Time For Musical Chairs

| Posted 10.05.2008 | Business

A thousand years ago, back in 1999, zillions of young people came to cities like New York and ran around looking for jobs even though they had one waiting for them -- at work. It was so much fun to look and change and jump; to job-hop at will.

It's The Bad News Bores: Celebratory Nature of News

| Posted 10.20.2008 | Media

Welcome to news observation as a sport. It's based on how often and how fast we can celebrate (typically bad) news with each other, and we all want to win as often as possible.