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Entries by Richard Laermer from 11/2009

The Myth of "Personal Branding"

| Posted 11.01.2009 | Business

"Personal Branding" is a term that gets bandied about at every cocktail party despite not having any real discernible meaning.

That "Thing" You Don't

| Posted 11.10.2009 | Business

Thing thing thing thing. Things. Thingamabobber. Thingamajig. Thingery. Thingy thing. Possessing sophisticated skills of communicating is elementary ...

Megan Fox Fools the New York Times

| Posted 11.15.2009 | Media

Today is a standstill moment for Times reporters who have to be doing the math, wondering will it work: Do we sell more copies because voluptuousness is on the cover of our weekly magazine?

Science Says We're Unhappy -- So Let's Change

| Posted 11.22.2009 | Healthy Living

Gallup's latest oddly-named Lifestyle Poll statistically showed that Americans are less satisfied now with their lives than at any time since 1992!