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Entries by Richard Zombeck from 11/2010

Homeowner Activists: We Told You So

| Posted 11.16.2010 | Business

The media has finally started covering the foreclosure fiasco. But while some see it as the beginning of a long string of investigative reporting, the rest of us know that it was only a matter of time before the next distraction.

Foreclosure Hearings Show Homeowners Who in Washington Cares

| Posted 11.23.2010 | Business

While the result of recent mortgage foreclosure and HAMP hearings remains to be seen, there's a sense that a handful of government officials get it and seem to be looking out for the rest of us.

County Register of Deeds Picks Fight with MERS

| Posted 11.29.2010 | Business

Assuming an average of 500 mortgages per week, this year alone, Southern Essex County has lost a potential $1.95 million in recording fees because of the MERS system of "avoiding" recording assignments.