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Entries by Rick Carnes from 06/2010

The LimeWire Decision and an Old Joke

| Posted 06.02.2010 | Entertainment
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Revenge may be sweet, however, it is seldom a good business model. I would hope that the RIAA will take a pragmatic view of all their options before making their final decision about whether they show 'mercy' to LimeWire.

Has Stealing Music Stolen Your Mind?

| Posted 06.09.2010 | Healthy Living
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In the course of a lifetime of fighting music piracy, I have repeatedly marveled at the capacity of intelligent people to convince themselves of the most absurd things to justify the illegal act of taking someone else's music.

Net Neutrality -- Can We Trust the FCC Not to Censor the Internet?

| Posted 06.11.2010 | Technology

The history of the FCC is replete with examples of attempts to apply decency rules and censorship to content. Should we believe that 'this time it's different?'

A New Age of Dis-Connectivity in Music

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Arts

Back when the big labels were rolling in money they could afford to invest in diversity in their catalogs. Now the business has been reduced to 'crank up the computer and crank out another track' exactly like the last hit.