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Entries by Rick Horowitz from 08/2009

Health Care: The Presidential Campaign of 2009

| Posted 08.04.2009 | Politics

It's not just the bizarro "birther" brigades that are treating Obama as electorally illegitimate. Think about the way the health-care fight has played out recently.

The (Sing-Along) Sound of Musing: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?

| Posted 08.06.2009 | World

How do you solve a problem like Korea?

"Death Panels": The Circles of Sarah Palin

| Posted 08.12.2009 | Politics

Does this sound like the Sarah Palin we've come to know and love?

Health Care Debate: Beware of Foreign Objects

| Posted 08.13.2009 | Politics

If the Angrys could just settle on one country to hold up as their agreed-upon despicable example, we could finally have a coherent conversation about things

The Health Club at the Corner of Chimera and Mirage

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Politics

Obama the Developer wants to build a health club. Something classy, that's what he's thinking, with all the latest equipment, and enough room so everyone in town can join.

You Thought That Was Bad? 22 More Reasons to Fear Health-Care Reform

| Posted 08.20.2009 | Comedy

On page 311 of the health care reform bill: Forced "sterilization" of all surgical tools. One more step toward forced sterilization of everyone.

Obama's Beach Books -- and Yours

| Posted 08.25.2009 | Healthy Living

The thing about beach books -- or even "beach books" -- isn't the total tonnage of the entire pile. It's the glow of the glorious possibilities.

Kennedy: The Lion at Rest

| Posted 08.27.2009 | Politics

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, dead at 77 -- and thank goodness for that. None of his three brothers -- his three older brothers -- made it to 70. Or 60. Or even 50.