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Entries by Rick Horowitz from 10/2009

Inventing the Latest Health Care Scares

| Posted 10.01.2009 | Politics

The health care debate has birthed an entirely new tense: In case the Present Tense and the Past Subjunctive and the Future Conditional aren't enough to satisfy you, now there's the Cataclysmic Hypothetical.

Ensign Shows There's No Blushing in Politics

| Posted 10.02.2009 | Politics

Here's the inspiring part: the sight of John Ensign sitting behind a microphone and talking about how people need to follow the rules. He can do all this while keeping a straight face!

The Rio Games -- And Those GOP Games

| Posted 10.07.2009 | Politics

Why was the GOP so elated with Chicago's Olympic failure? Was it the joy in avoiding the inevitable cost overruns? The security concerns? Or was it enough that Obama had failed?

Nobel Prize: Just What He's Always ... Wanted

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Comedy

I don't even know how to describe it, except to say that it's absolutely the biggest and shiniest statue I've ever seen!

Olympia Snowe and the Importance of Being Pivotal

| Posted 10.16.2009 | Politics

Olympia Snowe's vote might not have been a tie-breaker, but it was a mood-shifter. And at least she's not the kind who gloats, flaunts her influence and does a victory dance when the bargaining is done.

Obama to Seniors: Here's Some Money. Now Go Away.

| Posted 10.30.2009 | Comedy

"Hey, Gordo!" cried Myron the Mailman, who'd known Gordon Goldenage forever. "I've got some government checks here for you and the little lady." (That would be Gladys.)