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Entries by Rick Jacobs from 10/2007

Tip O'Neill from the Grave: Blackwater is Local

| Posted 10.10.2007 | Politics

For most of the mainstream media and the public, the Blackwater story didn't hit home until last month when thirteen or more Iraqis were killed by their employees in the light of day. It was local.

Karl Rove in Oslo; Demands Recount

| Posted 10.12.2007 | Politics

The Nobel Committee recognizes that most of the time, leaders work best outside the system. That said, close your eyes and imagine Al Gore as president in 2009. The alternatives are not dreamy at all.

Blackwater to California: Hire us to Put Out Your Fires

| Posted 10.25.2007 | Politics

Here's the Mark Penn/ George Orwell/Blackwater summation: Blackwater needs to build a base in an environmentally sensitive fire hazard area because we'll make you safer.

Ann Coulter: On the Gay Circuit in West Hollywood

| Posted 10.28.2007 | Media

I could not tell if she was dining with people she hates or just demonstrating that she's a fraud who says whatever she must to sell books so that she can live the gay urban lifestyle.